Senator calls on Nick Xenophon to detail his Huawei contract terms

Image: Sam Mooy/Getty Images

South Australian independent Senator Rex Patrick has called on his former boss, and previous occupant of his Senate seat, Nick Xenophon to reveal the details of his contract with Huawei.

After leaving the Senate in 2017, Xenophon set up a law firm with former investigative journalist Mark Davis that was appointed as strategic counsel in 2019. The firm also represented Jordan Shanks in a recent high-profile defamation case.

Xenophon last week said he was running for the Senate again in the upcoming federal election.

On the basis of his return to public life, Patrick said in the Senate on Tuesday night that Xenophon should disclose the terms of his Huawei agreement.

“He was entitled, as a private individual, to work for whoever he wished. But the choice he made was akin to someone choosing to do PR work for the German companies Krupp or Messerschmitt in 1938,” Patrick said.

“Mr Xenophon now says that he has not worked for Huawei for some time, though we don’t know when he ceased. He now claims to support the Australian government’s 5G ban on Huawei.

“As a declared Senate candidate, he should now, in the interests of transparency

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