'Serial' romance fraudster jailed for trying to scam 670 people in the UK

A romance scammer in the United Kingdom has been jailed after trying to con 670 people. 

According to the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), Osagie Aigbonohan, originally from Lagos, Nigeria, used a range of fake names, dating apps, and social media networks to find and connect with potential victims who were looking for a relationship. 

The 41-year-old’s aliases included “Tony Eden.” While masquerading as Tony, Aigbonohan targeted a woman and built up a relationship over a period of ten months before begging her for money to help him with an incident relating to an overseas business. 

The woman was told that a machinery accident at work – and the subsequent need to pay for worker funerals – had rinsed his bank account, and he needed to hire drill equipment to resume operations. This led to fraudulent transfers of £9,500 ($13,000) to various accounts held under fake identities, which eventually made their way into Aigbonohan’s personal account. 

In another case, a woman who was terminally ill became a victim.

“Aigbonohan continued to pursue her even after she had passed away,” the NCA says. 

The crime agency estimates that at least 670 people were targeted by the romance scammer, at least eight people

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