Setting up a virtual lab for cybersecurity data science

“Giant Rabbit uses Carrot Smash. You take 9999 damage. Game over.” 

“Aww! All right, this time I’ll get it for sure.” 

“Do you want to reload your last save?” 


Virtual machines have many advantages over their purely physical counterparts, most of which have nothing to do with avoiding attacks from rabbits with big pointy teeth. What they do have though is versatility, multiplication and my personal favorite — snapshots. 

When it comes to setting up a test lab, you may have a number of different ideas that you want to test out that a number of years ago would have required a room full of PCs to be able to manage. Now, however, you can run exactly the amount you need at any given time and keep them suspended until the need arises. 

Today we’re going to go over just what it takes to set up a virtual lab for cybersecurity data science. 

How do we run virtual machines?

There are dozens of different ways to create and run virtual machines, but usually they boil down to two particular methodologies: running virtual machines from your workstation or running them from a dedicated server. If you’re just starting out

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