SigintOS: Signal Intelligence via a single graphical interface

Infosec Institute - 

SigintOS is a Linux distribution based on the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. This Linux distribution is built for signal intelligence and comes bundled with tools that use the preinstalled SigintOS software to make signal intelligence gathering possible. Through SigintOS, many SIGINT tasks can be done via a single graphical interface. These tasks include FM transmission, GPS transmission, GSM searching, IMSI catching, radio frequency jamming etc. You can download SigintOS version 1.1 from here.  

Hardware requirements of SigintOS

To use SigintOS, you require a fairly powerful computer with reasonably acceptable specs. You also must have one of the following Software Defined Radios:

BladeRF: this is a software-defined radio platform that can be used to enable the exploration of radio frequencies. BladeRF gives you total control over the microcontroller, allowing you to reprogram the BladeRF as desired. You can acquire BladeRF from the BladeRF website in the sources section below.

HackRF: this is a software-defined radio that can allow you to transmit and receive radio signals between 1MHz and 6GHz. It can be used as a USB peripheral, allowing you to reprogram it for modern and next-generation radio technologies. You can acquire HackRFOne from the HackRFOne website in the sources section

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