Singapore begins licensing cybersecurity vendors

Vendors offering two categories of cybersecurity services in Singapore now must apply for a licence to continue providing such services. They have up to six months to do so or will have to cease the provision of such services, if they do not wish to face the possibility of a jail term or fine.

Specifically, companies that provide penetration testing as well as managed security operations centre (SOC) monitoring services will need a licence to offer these services in Singapore. These include companies and individuals directly engaged in such services, third-party vendors that support these companies, and resellers of the licensable cybersecurity services, according to Cyber Security Authority (CSA). 

The industry regulator said the licensing framework, effective from April 11, was parked under the country’s Cybersecurity Act and aimed to better protect consumers’ interests. It also served to improve service providers’ standards and standing over time.

CSA added that the two service categories were prioritised to kickstart the licensing regime because providers of these services had significant access into their customers’ ICT systems and sensitive data. 

Should such access be abused, the client’s operations could be disrupted, the regulator noted. 

It added that because these services were widely available and adopted, they

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