Singapore looks to drive maritime innovation, cybersecurity resilience

Singapore has unveiled plans to drive innovation and beef up cybersecurity resilience in its maritime industry. These new initiatives will include a roadmap to guide organisations in the sector to trial additive manufacturing practices.  

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said Tuesday it would continue to boost research and development (R&D) efforts as well as pilots in maritime technologies. It also would look to develop maritime cybersecurity capabilities, so the industry had the resilience and infrastructure to manage disruptions. 

Specifically, it introduced a report that aimed to provide a roadmap to help organisations trial new practices in additive manufacturing. The new report outlined maritime additive manufacturing capabilities in Singapore as well as learning points from previous trials and adoption processes. 

The document was jointly developed by MPA, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster, and Singapore Shipping Association (SSA).

To further drive digital transformation in the sector, MPA said the Sea Transport Industry Digital Plan had been expanded to allow some 3,000 small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in all sea transport market segments to apply for co-funding assistance. This would include SMBs in subsectors such as ship brokers, marine surveyors, and ship operators, which can now apply to receive funding support

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