Singapore to develop mobile defence systems with Ghost Robotics

Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) has inked a partnership with Philadelphia-based Ghost Robotics to identify uses cases involving legged robots for security, defence, and humanitarian applications. They will look to test and develop mobile robotic systems, as well as the associated technology enablers, that can be deployed in challenging urban terrain and harsh environments.

The collaboration also would see robots from Ghost Robotics paired with DSTA’s robotics command, control, and communications (C3) system, the two partners said in a joint statement released Thursday. 

The Singapore government agency said its C3 capabilities were the “nerve centre” of military platforms and command centres, tapping data analytics, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technologies to facilitate “tighter coordination” and effectiveness during military and other contingency operations. 

Its robotics C3 system enabled simultaneous control and monitoring of multiple unmanned ground and air systems to deliver a holistic situation outline for coordinated missions, including surveillance in dense urban environments. 

With the partnership, DTSA and Ghost Robotics would test and develop “novel technologies and use cases” for quadrupedal unmanned ground vehicles, which would be integrated with multi-axis manipulators. These would enhance how the autonomous vehicles interacted with their environment and objects within it. 

Power technologies, such as solid-state batteries or

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