Slim.AI introduces beta software supply chain container security as a service

Austin, TX: We’ve been learning the hard way that, as Slim.AI CEO John Amaral puts it, “Your software supply chain is only as secure as its weakest link.” Amen, brother!

Slim.AI CEO John Amaral: “Our core value is ‘Know Your Software.’  “


Numerous high-profile attacks, breaches, and exploits such as the SolarWinds fiasco and the Log4J vulnerability are prime examples. Indeed, it’s gotten so bad, that President Joseph Biden issued an executive order calling for us to all secure the software supply chain. When politicians pay attention to software, stuff has gotten real.

Slim.AI is rising to this challenge by announcing at Open Source Summit in Austin, Texas, its beta software supply chain security service. This service will help organizations continuously and automatically optimize and secure their containers and minimize software supply chain risk.

This service is being built on the foundation of Slim.AI’s open-source project, DockerSlim. This popular developer program optimizes and secures your containers by analyzing your code and throwing away unnecessary code, thus “slimming” down your containers’ attack surface. It also can reduce the size of your container by up to 30x. 

That’s impressive. As Amaral said, “Currently, tens of thousands of developers and teams use Slim’s open

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