Small business cybersecurity: Avoid these 8 basic mistakes that could let hackers in

For small businesses, cyberattacks might sound like something they don’t need to think about. Because cyber criminals only go after big, lucrative targets, right? Why would they target a small business?

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The unfortunate truth is that small businesses can make very tempting targets for malicious hackers and cyber criminals because they hold the same kinds of data that large businesses have, such as personal information, credit card details, passwords, and more.

But the nature of small business means that the information could be held less securely than it is within a large organisation, particularly if there isn’t a specialist information security employee on staff.

Small businesses can also prove tempting to hackers looking to gain access to a bigger company as part of a supply chain attack – by compromising a small business that might be a supplier to a larger organisation, the attacker could use that access to help infiltrate the network of a larger business partner.

No matter what kind of cyberattack a small business falls victim to, whether that’s phishing, ransomware, malware or any other kind of malicious activity where attackers can access and tamper with data, the results can potentially be devastating. In some

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