Small Online Retailers Face These Big Online Threats This Holiday Season

The holidays are the time that makes or breaks a large number of small online retailers, and everything has to fall into place for profits to show up on bottom lines.

This means marketing, advertising, sales workflows — and yes, online security — all have to be airtight in order for everything to work the way it is supposed to work.  Phishing, spam emails and DDoS attacks are some of the many online threats that retailers face during the holiday season.

Small businesses online threats

Security is a particularly vulnerable area for many small businesses, who simply want to sell their wares and provide goods and services. They don’t want to have to fight off bad guys in order to accomplish their mission, but this is 2021, and even small online retailers must pay more attention to cybersecurity, or else they risk much — perhaps the entire business itself.

From phishing to DDoS, here are the five most common attacks small online retailers (in fact, any retailer) can expect ahead of this year’s holiday crunch time:

Attack No. 1: Phishing attacks

Go out of your way to be more intentional about reminding employees on how to interact with emails. If there

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