Smart Toys and Their Cybersecurity Risks: Are Our Toys Becoming a Sci-Fi Nightmare? [updated 2021]

In the “Living Doll” episode of “The Twilight Zone,” a lifelike doll named Talky Tina turned rogue and terrorized a family. This nightmare scenario of out-of-control toys is sometimes portrayed in sci-fi novels and films — but are we entering the Twilight Zone with modern-day smart toys? 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has entered our lives and work almost seamlessly. Often thought of as for use in medicine and industry, consumer IoT devices (C-IoT) have captured the imagination of the public. From smartphones to heating controls, the IoT quietly permeates our lives. Sensors connect everything across an IoT ecosystem, which uses the data we generate to make the wheels of connectivity turn. Predictions on the number of connected IoT devices range from 28 billion to over 50 billion by the end of 2021, each of those collecting and analyzing sensitive data. 

The march of progress can be a wonderful thing. It’s exciting, and in the case of consumer IoT products, nothing is without its IoT version. One of the issues is that these devices can bleed from the home into the office. This is especially true of remote working. In a survey, 41% of C-IoT devices being used for corporate

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