SMS PVA Part 1: Underground Service for Cybercriminals

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SMS PVA Part 1: Underground Service for Cybercriminals


In this three-part blog entry, our team explored SMS PVA, a service built on top of a global bot network that compromises smartphone cybersecurity as we know it.

By: Trend Micro February 22, 2022 Read time:  ( words)

Smartphones have become a huge part of our daily lives. Not only do they allow us to connect with family and friends, these nifty devices let us become more informed about the world around us. They also let us store sensitive information about our lives, including our bank details and personal profiles.

A smartphone is much different from a tablet. While they both have most of the same features, a smartphone has a SIM card that lets us accept calls and short messages (SMS).

In recent years, SMS verification has been implemented by major Internet platforms and services as means of human verification during account creation. Confirmation codes, sent via SMS by OTP providers, are also used as part of two-factor authentication.

However, this very same function that makes our beloved smartphones a

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