SOCs spend nearly a quarter of their time on email security

Email security continues to be a significant challenge for the Security Operation Centers (SOCs); research from Avanan, a cloud email security vendor, on the state of email security shows. An excessive amount of time and effort is spent by SOC teams in detecting incidents and directing countermeasures.

This study is important as it is one of the first hard looks at how much time is spent on these issues. Before this survey, the State of Email Security, this aspect was not fully explored. Data was only available through work by research and advisory company Gartner that found how each phishing event can take two hours and 45 minutes to remediate.

Email threats, whether data is compromised or leaked, can affect a business in many ways, depending on its nature, scope and severity. Malware distributed through email attachments as well as phishing attempts can lead to data breaches and severely impact brand strength and reputation. Protecting the medium through which messages are exchanged requires continuous monitoring and rapid response.

Security operation centers

The major functionalities of SOC services include monitoring, detection and event analysis. This undertaking can confirm if a security incident is taking place on key IT systems in

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