Some 'Smol' NFTs returned after Treasure marketplace exploit leads to theft

Hackers who exploited a vulnerability in NFT marketplace Treasure began returning most of the “Smol Brain” and “Legion” NFTs they stole on Thursday.

The people behind the attack were able to mint several NFTs for free thanks to the vulnerability.  

Blockchain analysis firm PeckShield said more than 100 NFTs were stolen from several collections in the Treasure marketplace. 

The situation began on Tuesday, when reports emerged that the Treasure marketplace was being exploited. Treasure did not respond to requests for comment, but co-founder John Patten took to Twitter to confirm that the platform was facing a spate of thefts. 

“Treasure marketplace is being exploited. Please delist your items. We will cover the costs of the exploit—I will personally give up all of my Smols to repair this. I cannot fathom what subhuman targets a fair launch marketplace for robbery, but they will not defeat the community,” Patten said. 

“I vow to keep making free mints that make people happy even if this evil individual exploits every single one. This is just the beginning.”

Treasure released its own official statement, writing that their team was “focused on finding the 50 NFTs that remain stolen and making buyers whole.”

A number of people compared the issue

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