SonicWall Email Security and Firewall Products Impacted by the Y2K22 Vulnerability

Last week, Internet appliances provider SonicWall has revealed that the Y2K22 weakness has affected several of its email security and firewall products, leading to message log updates and junk box malfunctions starting January 1st, 2022.

The SonicWall Incident Consequences

According to the company, administrators and email users will experience some problems, including the inability to access the junk box or un-junk new emails on impacted systems. 

They will also be unable to track down incoming/outgoing emails through message logs because they are no longer updated.


SonicWall’s cloud email security solution, Hosted Email Security, was fully patched on January 2nd, and the fix was deployed in North American and European instances. Email Security customers were not required to do anything concerning the issue.

In addition, the company patched its Email Security Appliance.

ES 10.0.15 is available for download via Customers using Email Security Appliance (On-Prem) should upgrade their firmware to ES 10.0.15. Upgrade to ES 10.0.15 will automatically start the database rebuild and the process can take a few hours to complete depending on the amount of data. Junk Box emails and Message Logs will be displayed accurately after the database is fully rebuilt. Please refer to the knowledge

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