Specialists Spend a Lot of Time Fixing Security Flaws that Could Have Been Prevented

Security flaws frequently appear during the software development process and then reappear after an application has been deployed. The upsetting part is that in many cases, with the suitable approaches and techniques, many of these vulnerabilities could have been discovered and fixed earlier.

Invicti, a web application security company, published a report this week that analyzes the time and resources invested in identifying security vulnerabilities in developed applications.

The report called “State of the DevSecOps Professional: At Work and off the Clock” was put together by Invicti and Wakefield Research, and 500 cybersecurity specialists and software developers with at least Director-level positions have been surveyed. The survey participants were all from organizations with 2,000 or more employees in the United States.

The Stressful Part

According to the survey, 41% of cybersecurity experts and 32% of devs spend approximately five hours per workday dealing with security flaws that should not have happened in the first place.

Having to address these flaws, particularly amid the so-called Great Resignation and the fear of upcoming cyberattacks, can rapidly result in overwork and pressure among cybersecurity specialists.

Some 81% of the participants stated that support tickets have the bad habit to show up at the

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