Specialty Steel Works turns cyber skills into life skills

Specialty Steel Works Incorporated is no stranger to setting high standards as the leader in innovative steel solutions. That’s why they went straight to the top when implementing their new security awareness training program, taking a no-excuses approach to getting everyone on board. Learn how this Infosec Inspire Award finalist leverages Infosec IQ to keep its 188 employees engaged, dramatically reduce phishing rates and guide their growing business.

Building for long-term success

David Vacuda, Director of Information Technology at Specialty Steel Works, has been steadily improving his approach to security awareness training for years. “When we first started, we would deliver 15-20 minutes of training at a time, and we used to get a lot of pushback,” explained Vacuda. “Since switching to a shorter course of materials, we have received a lot more positive feedback.”

However, employee satisfaction isn’t the only thing on Vacuda’s mind. “Things changed when the pandemic started, and office personnel started working from home. We aligned our courses with specific topics focused around remote working, Wi-Fi hotspots and other relevant topics.”

Anybody that has an email address has to take this training. And if upper management can do it, they feel anybody else can do it too.

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