Standing Up to Cyber-Bullies Earns Man Award Nomination

Standing Up to Cyber-Bullies Earns Man Award Nomination

A British man who surmounted the detraction of his cyber-bullies and launched a campaign to raise awareness of cyber-bullying has been nominated for a national award.

Chris Holden, of Winsford, Cheshire, has been shortlisted for ‘Campaigner of the Year’ – one of 11 titles up for grabs in the annual awards run by national disability charity, Sense.

Holden, who is 37 years old and autistic, was so profoundly impacted by the actions of cyber-bullies that he attempted to end his life. But, after connecting with the mental health group Rainbow After The Storm, he learned the coping skills he needed to bounce back from his cyberbullying experience confidently. 

Holden, who is now the group’s anti-bullying ambassador, has been working hard to help other victims of cyber-bullying.

“It’s amazing that I have been shortlisted for this amazing prize,” said Holden. 

“As a young man with autism, who nearly lost my life due to bullying online, I now spend my time talking openly about my experiences of cyberbullying and hoping that I can make a change for others in that situation.”

Holden came to the attention of Sense after launching a nationwide campaign to raise

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