Strategic Guidance for CISOs on Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity challenges

For most CISOs, job responsibilities are clear, but executing in all three areas can be extremely difficult due to a host of common cybersecurity challenges. All these issues impact a CISO’s ability to execute the responsibilities associated with the CISO Triad.

“Trend Micro Research, comprised of hundreds of threat experts situated across 15 global research centers, works closely with industry and government partners to stop cybercriminals.”

Gain improvement through technology

Security efficacy suffers when threat detection, prevention, and response tasks span a multitude of point tools. Operational efficiency is impacted by too many manual processes and not enough staff. Finally, business enablement is difficult when executives lack cybersecurity knowledge or disregard cyber risk mitigation as part of business initiative projects.

ESG highlights that CISOs may find Trend Micro a suitable partner because they provide:

Endpoint-to-cloud coverage

Trend Micro has created an integration architecture, enabling endpoints, networks, virtual servers, and cloud and container-based workloads to work together for enhanced visibility and coordinated threat response. Trend Micro also provides several types of hosted services to simplify security operations by removing infrastructure and its associated overhead.

Extensive threat research and cloud-based analytics

Trend Micro Research, comprised of hundreds of threat experts

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