Taking Breach Prevention to the Next Level with Morphisec

A successful security breach brings with it a host of legal and financial ramifications, including cleanup costs paid to remediation vendors and possible penalties from the exfiltration of sensitive data. The rise of data protection regulations worldwide, from the California Consumer Privacy Act in the United States to the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union, adds to the monetary risk for organizations operating in those regions in the event of a data breach. 

These penalties ignore the cost of recovering from a data breach, which according to recent IBM research averages around $4.24 million per incident. Suffice to say that breach prevention is the far more economical pathway for IT and security teams. 

Choosing the right breach prevention solution is one of the most critical pieces of success, assuming it is employed in the service of sensible security policies. According to IT Central Station members who use the Morphisec Breach Prevention solution, an effective breach prevention toolset must be able to protect against Zero-Day attacks and other unknown threats. The ideal solution must also align with an organization’s overall security architecture and be easy to use, thus contributing to time savings for team members. When a solution meets

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