The Best Twitter Cybersecurity Accounts You Should Follow [Updated 2021]

Security experts, researchers, and cyber enthusiasts abound on Twitter, eager to share their ideas, news, and research on information security, industry best practices, and the most recent dangers.

If you’re using Twitter and want to stay on top of the biggest cybersecurity news out there, you may be asking which are the best accounts you can possibly follow. To keep you informed, we’ve created a list and divided this article into 4 parts.

These people are oftentimes thought leaders in the realm of cybersecurity and have deep connections to insiders in the industry so they are often the first to break the news on certain stories.

The categories with the highest entries. Each magazine and news website has different editorial policies. Some only post in-house content, while others are willing to share and retweet stories from other publications. Regardless, almost all of the names we’ve included are well known and respected within the industry.

These companies are at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime and malware. As a result, they are almost always the first to learn of a new threat. On top of that, they can offer in-depth analysis of online threats and practical security advice.

These accounts

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