The Emotet Botnet Grows in Size and Activity

Known as a banking Trojan, Emotet is a kind of malware that belongs to the banking Trojans malware strain. Malspam, which are spam emails that contain malware, is the primary method of spreading it (hence the term). Users are more likely to be persuaded if the communications feature recognized branding and are formatted in the same way as emails from well-known and trustworthy organizations such as PayPal or DHL.

What Happened?

Because of a recent spike in dissemination, the Emotet malware is anticipated to shortly transition to new payloads that are now identified by fewer antivirus engines.

Emails with dangerous payloads have surged tenfold in recent months, according to security experts who are monitoring the botnet.

Because of its sluggish but steady growth since the beginning of this year, it is possible that its operators are changing up a gear at this point in their operations.

A study issued today by Kaspersky indicates that Emotet activity has increased dramatically from February to March, with an increase from 3,000 emails to 30,000 emails in only two months’ time.

Kaspersky experts have detected significant growth in complex malicious spam emails targeting organizations in various countries. These emails are being distributed as

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