The real dangers of vulnerable IoT devices

The landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices has been explored strongly by criminals in the last few years, causing enormous constraints for home users and companies from the cybersecurity perspective.

Criminals are abusing these kinds of devices to attack, but there are ways to protect assets against attacks of this nature.

IoT threats

The damage caused by flaws in IoT devices is tremendous as criminals take advantage of weakness to get access and take control of the devices many times available on the internal network face. These vulnerabilities are a foothold to bypass internal firewalls, gain access to private networks and steal sensitive and critical information as it travels across connected device environments. In terms of risk, criminals compromised devices and are able to spread malicious payloads or pivot to other networks, maintaining persistence for a large period of time the detection and monitorization of anomalous activity on these devices are still seen as a big challenge.


The big challenge

The set of IoT vulnerabilities are grouped in several sectors from lack of device management to critical flaws on hardware or software. For instance, in this article, it’s possible to learn about a vulnerability tracked as

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