The ROI of security awareness training

For organizations that have experienced a data breach or ransomware attack, the benefits of security awareness training couldn’t be more clear. But for organizations that only run security awareness training to remain compliant, or security teams that have never run an employee training program, these benefits may seem abstract. With many organizations facing understaffed IT and security departments with limited time and budget, it’s smart to ask, “Do the benefits of security awareness training outweigh the costs?”

We live in a data-driven world, and let’s face it. No evidence is more compelling than costs and returns. Measuring the financial return of technology isn’t a novel idea. In fact, according to Osterman Research, 88% of organizations already measure the ROI of their technology-based infrastructure. So why aren’t we doing the same to measure the return of security awareness training?

Thanks to new data, we can, and it’s easier than ever before. In this post, we break down the costs and benefits of running an employee training program and show you how to calculate the ROI of security awareness training at your organization.

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