The Top Cybersecurity News Stories of 2021: From Apple to WFH (and Everything in Between)

Far beyond affecting just the technology industry, cyberattacks in 2021 were a mushroom-cloud explosion, reaching their crafty, digital tentacles into every facet of modern life.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the number of data breaches this year surpassed the total number of 2020 breaches in just the first three quarters of 2021. So, what happened? And how do we fix it? Here’s a recap of some of the biggest data breach and other cybersecurity news stories of the year, a month-by-month recap of some of the biggest hacks, attacks, and other activity from the last 12 months.

January: Federal Data Breach Sets the Tone for 2021

The year kicked off with a public reporting of the U.S. Federal Government data breach. The severity of the attack was initially downplayed, but by January 2021, the public was starting to understand the full scope. In the spring of 2020, hackers added malicious code into the software of SolarWinds, Microsoft and VMWare. When SolarWinds sent software updates, the hacked code created a back door to the customers’ information and private data. Even worse is that the breach went unnoticed for many months, potentially exposing sensitive data from 300,000 of SolarWinds’ customers, which include

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