The Top Exploited Vulnerabilities in 2021 Revealed by Cybersecurity Firms

Cybersecurity authorities around the world have published a list of the top 15 vulnerabilities regularly exploited by malicious actors in 2021, in collaboration with the NSA and the FBI.

In a joint alert, the cybersecurity authorities recommended enterprises patch these security holes as soon as possible and adopt patch management systems to decrease their attack surface.

Hackers have been spotted targeting internet-facing systems, such as email and virtual private network (VPN) servers, employing exploits targeting recently reported vulnerabilities all around the world.

U.S., Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and UK cybersecurity authorities assess, in 2021, malicious cyber actors aggressively targeted newly disclosed critical software vulnerabilities against broad target sets, including public and private sector organizations worldwide. To a lesser extent, malicious cyber actors continued to exploit publicly known, dated software vulnerabilities across a broad spectrum of targets. The cybersecurity authorities encourage organizations to apply the recommendations in the Mitigations section of this CSA. These mitigations include applying timely patches to systems and implementing a centralized patch management system to reduce the risk of compromise by malicious cyber actors.


What Are the Vulnerabilities in Question?

In the same advisory, a table containing all the 15 discovered vulnerabilities was provided. You can

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