The unrelenting threat of ransomware is pushing cybersecurity workers to quit

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Security researchers have warned of “increasing and unsustainable stress levels” in the cybersecurity workforce resulting from persistent ransomware threats and looming, large-scale attacks, which are pushing security professionals towards abandoning the industry altogether.

A report by cybersecurity company Deep Instinct found that 46% of senior and executive-level cybersecurity professionals have considered quitting the industry due to stress.

This is being driven by an “unrelenting threat from ransomware”, researchers found, as well as supply chain attacks on a scale similar to the 2020 SolarWinds hack and 2021’s Kaseya ransomware incident, both of which had far-reaching and long-lasting consequences for organizations impacted.

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The burden of preventing such attacks weighs heavily on those tasked with keeping networks and wider organizational systems secure, Deep Instinct found. More than 90% of cybersecurity professionals are stressed in their roles, with a “significant proportion” of professionals conceding that this is negatively impacting their ability to do their jobs.

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Those in leadership positions are likely to be feeling pressures of the industry more acutely, the report found: one in three C-Suite executives – including CISOs, CTOs, ITOs and IT strategy

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