The White House wants more powers to crack down on rogue drones

The White House has laid out its plans to give more authorities the power to respond to nefarious drone activity.

The administration says while drones – or unmanned aircraft systems (USA) – have become useful for research, recreation and business, they’ve also become risks to public safety, privacy and homeland security. 

“Malicious actors have increasingly used UAS domestically to commit crimes, conduct illegal surveillance and industrial espionage, and thwart law enforcement efforts at the local, state and federal level,” it warns.

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To address the risks of rogue UAS, the White House wants to broaden powers of federal agencies that can already use technology to counter or neutralize bad drones, and expand authorization of the use of drone-detection technology, such as RF jammers, below the federal level.

The White House has called on Congress to enact legislation outlined in the administration’s eight-point Domestic Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems National Action Plan “to close critical gaps in existing law and policy” that impede counter-rogue drone capabilities. 

The plan seeks to “expand where we can protect against nefarious UAS activity, who is authorized to take action, and how it can be

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