The Works Hit by Massive Cyberattack

PLC (also known as PLC) is a discount retailer with headquarters in the United Kingdom that distributes a wide variety of products such as books, art and craft supplies, gifts, toys, games, and stationery.

What Happened?

Following a cyber-security breach involving illegal access to its computer systems, the UK retail chain The Works reported that it was forced to close many locations due to till difficulties created by the attack.

According to the notification, there aren’t many specifics regarding the nature of the event, but it seems to have resulted in the suspension of replenishment deliveries, the extension of online order fulfillment periods, and the breach of the security of payment transactions.

In order to solve this final issue, The Works has recently transitioned to new third-party credit and debit card payment processors, which the firm believes are secure and reliable.

The plc (LSE: WRKS), the multi-channel value retailer of arts, crafts, toys, books and stationery, confirms it has been subject to a cyber security incident involving unauthorised access to its computer systems.

There has been some limited disruption to trading and business operations, including the closure of some stores due to till issues. Replenishment deliveries to the

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