Threat advisory: Cybercriminals compromise users with malware disguised as pro-Ukraine cyber tools

Executive summary
Opportunistic cybercriminals are attempting to exploit Ukrainian sympathizers by offering malware purporting to be offensive cyber tools to target Russian entities. Once downloaded, these files infect unwitting users rather than delivering the tools originally advertised. In one such instance, we observed a threat actor offering a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) tool on Telegram intended to be used against Russian websites. The downloaded file is actually an information stealer that infects the unwitting victim with malware designed to dump credentials and cryptocurrency-related information. These observations serve as reminders that users must be on heightened alert to increased cyber threat activity as threat actors look for new ways to incorporate the Russia-Ukraine conflict into their operations. Such activity could take the form of themed email lures on news topics or donation solicitations, malicious links purporting to host relief funds or refugee support sites, malware masquerading as defensive or offensive security tools, and more. We remind users to carefully inspect suspicious emails before opening them and validating software or other files before downloading them.

Campaign details
The ongoing situation in Ukraine has quickly changed the cyber threat landscape, introducing

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