Three ways to keep your organization safe from cyberattacks

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Cyberattacks continue making headlines as more companies fall victim to ransomware. Throughout the past year, we saw some of the largest breaches, leaks, and real-world attacks to date.

COVID-19 has forced organizations to restructure the workplace, and we’ve acclimated to working and living remotely. Our networks have evolved to include living rooms, basements, and city parks. However, this change presents developers and security teams with more challenges.

Let’s examine three cybersecurity challenges that are seemingly unrelated, but deeply intertwined below the surface. In each case, the underlying problems would greatly benefit from a policy of improved communication.

First, we must understand our technology stacks. This is the collection of IT infrastructure that includes everything from operating systems and programming languages to servers, data storage, application monitoring tools, business intelligence solutions, and more. For CISOs, juggling the vast scale of a tech stack and the attackers using increasingly

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