TikTok scammers tried hacking 125 targets that followed famous accounts, researchers find

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Nov 16, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP

More than 125 people and businesses associated with large TikTok accounts based around the world were targeted as part of a recent phishing campaign, according to research published Tuesday.

Emails warned that targeted accounts were either in danger of being deleted for copyright violations or eligible for a verification badge. If victims replied to a message, attackers directed them to click a link to a WhatsApp chat, where a purported TikTok representative would confirm their accounts.

While it remains unclear if any accounts were breached, the campaign is the latest to demonstrate how TikTok’s popularity makes its mot visible users targets for scammers.

In addition to individual account holders, the latest campaign targeted talent agencies, brand-consultant firms, social media production studios, influencer management firms, according to Rachelle Chouinard, a threat intelligence analyst at email security firm Abnormal Security, which shared its findings with CyberScoop. Crane Hassold, the director of threat intelligence at Abnormal, declined to share the specific names of the people and accounts targeted, but said the accounts in question had “millions to tens of millions of followers.”

In two batches of emails — sent Oct. 2 and

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