TikTok Serves Up Fresh Gamer Targets via Fake Among Us, Steam Offerings

The tween-friendly video app is being used to serve up malvertising, disguised as free Steam game accounts or Among Us game hacks.

TikTok has made people do all sorts of wild things — eat frozen honey, work on their choreography and even fall for malicious malvertising campaigns.

The latest TikTok attacks are getting served to gamers on the platform disguised as “free” or “hacked” versions of games like Among Us, free Steam accounts and more, according to a new report from Malwarebytes Labs.

“What we sometimes see on TikTok is gaming-themed accounts making many of the same promises you see on other platforms,” the report said. “Free games, free items, free stuff. Everything is definitely free with no strings attached. Would RandomAccountGuy3856 lie to you?”

One example offered a free “Among Us Always Impostor Hack,” which promised to let the user play as an impostor on command.

“Also, you can choose between Normal Impostor Mode or Legend Impostor Mode, that will also change your kill countdown to 0 seconds, and you sabotage cooldowns to 0, if you want to annoy your friends,” the attackers promised.

Instead, the link served up malicious ads.

TikTok Helps Target Young Gamer


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