Time to secure hybrid work for 2022, not 2002

By Nick Biasini, with contributions from Vitor Ventura. The cyber world today is chaotic, as the continual escalation in malicious activities from state-sponsored actors and criminal organizations has made being a defender an increasingly difficult task. Complicating matters is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, now entering its third year, that is completely shifting the ways we work. But we’re defenders, so we’re used to impossible odds and long hours of fighting the good fight, it’s time we leverage the work shift to even the playing field a bit.
The pandemic and associated hybrid work shift haven’t just introduced new challenges they’ve exacerbated the problems we already face. For example, the stressed out worker that falls for the COVID-19 themed lure that leads to a ransomware attack. The development teams that are tasked with remediating vulnerabilities that lose access to key tools and resources when working remotely. Even the employee at a software vendor that doesn’t have adequate security protections when outside the office, facilitating a compromise that results in a supply chain attack. These are just a few of the countless scenarios that organizations are now facing.
The shift to a permanent hybrid work environment is going to require new architectures

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