Tokyo Olympics Leveraged in Cybercrime Attack

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In the past, whenever a global event such as the Olympics is held, there have been cybercriminals who try to take advantage of the buzz.

Threats to the Olympics
As we have reported in the past on various Olympic-related threats, the Olympics, like other large-scale sporting events, has become a target for cybercriminals to take advantage of. Compared to other threats that take advantage of global events, Olympic threats are not much different in terms of methods, but rather cybercriminals are using traditional tactics to take advantage of popular online searches and events related to the Olympics. It’s more like cybercriminals are taking advantage of traditional tactics. Past Olympic threats have used a variety of tactics, including the following:

Emails and messages containing Olympic-related topics that lead to malicious sites or attachments that can be opened Using SEO poisoning, links to phishing sites and other malicious sites are displayed at the top of search results pages when searching for Olympic-related keywords. General users can easily believe that these sites are legitimate, and suffer damage such as having their personal information collected from the sites they visit, or being infected with malware.

If you are a fan of the Olympics

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