Top 5 Ways to Identify and Address Insider Threats

A recent report commissioned by CA Technologies threw up some very interesting and alarming data about the threats that an insider can pose to an organization. The report found that:

90% of organizations felt that insiders were a serious threat 53% had experienced an insider attack in the last 12 months 55% of the threat came from privileged or IT users 57% identified business confidential data as being the target of an insider threat

One of the biggest problems with an insider threat is that it is just that — an insider. An insider can be a work colleague, a freelancer, someone from head office or a worker from a partner company. An insider, is, by definition, anyone who has an intrinsic or close connection to an organization.

Insiders can be of both accidental and malicious types. And, not all malicious insiders know they have become an insider threat — they are, instead, “proxy insider threats,” being used by malicious outsiders to get inside the business.

It is a complicated business to spot an insider and to then deal with them. This article will look at some ways to check if Jan from Accounts is after your

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