Top 6 bug bounty programs for cybersecurity professionals

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Software is a massive industry worldwide, and organizations spend billions of dollars a year to make sure that they have the latest and greatest solutions. This means that software companies have to ensure that their products are safe and secure to use. Companies only have a finite set of resources to direct towards vulnerability research and bug hunting, and extra help is needed. 

To accomplish this, some organizations have implemented bug bounty programs. These secure portals allow security researchers to submit vulnerabilities when discovered. Each bug bounty initiative is unique, and each one offers its rewards for finding a security issue. 

Bug bounty aggregators have become a popular choice for companies and cybersecurity researchers alike. They provide a central location with multiple companies and bugs available. This saves a lot of manual work trying to discover bugs and correspond with the company you are trying to assist with.

How do bug bounty programs work?

You need to understand how bug bounty programs work before applying for one. In general, bug bounty programs operate differently across companies, but they follow roughly the same flow.

Companies will announce that they are running bug bounty programs centered around a certain software product

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