Top Five Attacking IPs This Month: Their Locations May Not Be Where You Think

WordFence - 

At Wordfence, we see large amounts of threat actor data, and often that data tells unexpected stories. Taking a look at just the top five attacking IP addresses over a 30 day period, you might be surprised to find out where these attacks are originating, and what they are doing. When most people hear about threat actors, they think about countries like Russia, China, and North Korea. In reality, attacks originate from all over the world, with the top five attackers we have tracked over the past 30 days coming from Australia, Germany, the United States, Ukraine, and Finland.

The purpose of these attacks is nearly as varied as their locations. Each of the top five malicious IP addresses was found to be attempting unauthorized access to websites or file systems. In sixth place was an IP address that was attempting brute force attacks, but the remaining malicious IP addresses in the top ten were all found to be attempting malicious access by other means. Several of the addresses were seen scanning for vulnerabilities, downloading or uploading files, accessing web shells, and even viewing or writing custom wp-config.php files. While one of the malicious indicators was consistent across all of

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