Transport for NSW Suffered a Cyber Incident

In southeastern Australia, the state of New South Wales, sometimes known as New South Wales, recently suffered a cyberattack.

What Happened?

It has been confirmed by Transport for NSW that a cyber intrusion that occurred in early April had an impact on its Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) online application.

As ZDNet explained, the AIS authorizes examiners to evaluate automobiles in order to guarantee that they meet a minimal level of safety. Online applications must be filed in order to be considered for the position of an authorized examiner. Applicants must provide personal information such as their complete name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, and driver’s license number.

According to Transport for NSW, an unauthorized third party was able to successfully access a “limited number” of the application’s user accounts as a result of the incident.

In early April 2022, Transport for NSW identified its Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) online application had been impacted by a cyber-incident.

During the incident, an unauthorised third party successfully accessed a small number of the application’s user accounts.

Additional security measures were put in place and monitoring of the application is continuing.

Transport for NSW is notifying affected Examiners individually and

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