Travel-related Cybercrime Takes Off as Industry Rebounds

Upsurge in the tourism industry after the COVID-19 pandemic grabs the attention of cybercriminals to scam the tourists.

Researchers are warning a post-COVID upsurge in travel has painted a bullseye on the travel industry and has spurred related cybercrimes.

Criminal activity includes an uptick in adversaries targeting the theft of airline mileage reward points, website credentials for travel websites and travel-related databases breaches, according to a report by Intel 471.

The impact of the attacks are hacked accounts stripped of value. But also, researchers say the consequences of recent attacks can also include flight delays and cancelations as airlines grapple with mitigating hacks.

Your Reward Points Head to Illicit Markets

Since January the researcher at Intel 471 detect multiple hacks used by cybercriminals to trade the credentials linked to the traveling websites.

The threat actors were specifically interested in “mileage rewards accounts with at least 100,000 miles,” according to 471. These accounts are used to earn certain rewards on every dollar that is spent. The account credentials that were listed in February belong to U.K.-based users from a major traveling website and two U.S.-based airlines.

“Access to these accounts allowed actors to leverage the rewards

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