UK jails man for spying on kids, adults with Remote Access Trojans

A UK judge has sentenced a man for using Remote Access Trojans (RATs) to spy on adults and children, stealing explicit material in the process. 

On January 11, the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) said that Robert Davies first appeared on the radar in 2019 after purchasing and downloading a variety of malware, including crypters – used to encrypt, hide, and obfuscate payloads such as Trojans – and a number of RATs.

RATs can be used to forge a remote link between an attacker and a victim device, steal information, and conduct surveillance through microphones and cameras.

Law enforcement says that the 32-year-old was also a customer of Weleakinfo, an online marketplace that offered stolen credentials. According to the NCA, the platform hosted roughly 12 billion stolen credential records obtained from over 10,000 data breaches. 

Weleakinfo’s domain was seized in 2020 in an operation involving the NCA, US Department of Justice (DoJ), and other criminal agencies. 

Davies, a resident of Nottingham, spent years using malware to infect phones and PCs. The RATs were packaged up through crypter software and victims were lured into downloading the malware, often through private messages. 

“Davies was using numerous fake online profiles to mask his identity and

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