UK NCSC Releases Nmap NSE Scripts to Discover Unpatched Flaws

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is a government organization in the United Kingdom that advises and supports the public and private sectors on how to prevent computer security threats. Its headquarters are in London, and it began operating in October 2016.

The agency is now announcing the release of NMAP Scripting Engine scripts to assist network defenders in searching for and fixing system vulnerabilities.

This is a collective approach between the NCSC and i100 (Industry 100), an effort that brings together industry and government professionals to find solutions to the current cybercrime landscape.

According to BleepingComputer, the scripts, written by i100 collaborators or cybersecurity researchers who want to share them with the general public, will be made public on GitHub via Scanning Made Easy (SME) project.

When a software vulnerability is disclosed, it is often easier to find proof-of-concept code to exploit it, than it is to find tools that will help defend your network.


Even when a scanning script is available, the agency notes that it can be difficult to establish whether it is good to operate, let alone whether it returns legitimate scan results.

According to them, Scanning Made Easy (SME) arose from their frustration with

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