Ukraine Cyberattack 2022: Geopolitical Cybersecurity

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Europe is on a knife-edge. With over 130,000 Russian troops amassed on the Ukrainian border, the region is witnessing the biggest build-up of firepower since the cold war. Inevitably, there is also cyber-dimension to this conflict. Mounting attacks on Ukrainian websites and I.T. infrastructure are making policymakers in Washington and elsewhere nervous should tensions rise further. All of this comes amidst unprecedented US-Russian cooperation to crack down on organized cybercrime.

However, CISOs should be clear: the best course of action is not to wait for politicians to strike deals in a volatile world. It is to get on with the vital business of improving cyber-resilience, threat detection, and response.

Shields up

The Ukrainian government and civilian organizations are no strangers to large-scale cyber-attack campaigns. Back in 2017, the NotPetya ‘ransomware’ worm wreaked havoc on the country before spreading globally to do the same around the world. So far this year, there have been several waves of attacks, including:

A significant web defacement effort targeting at least a dozen government websites  A “WhisperGate” destructive malware campaign aimed at government, non-profit, and I.T. organizations, mimicking the NotPetya attacks DDoS attacks which took the Ukrainian defense ministry and two state-owned banks offline

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