Ukrainian Cops Bust Suspected $1m Cybercrime Ring

Ukrainian Cops Bust Suspected $1m Cybercrime Ring

Ukrainian police have swooped on five suspected members of a ransomware affiliate that targeted dozens of foreign companies and made at least $1m in profits.

Officers from the country’s Cyber Police Department and the Security Service (SBU), teamed-up with law enforcers in the US and UK to track down the gang, which is said to have hit more than 50 companies in Europe and America.

They arrested the alleged leader, a 36-year-old from Kyiv, his wife and three other co-conspirators.

According to Ukrainian police, the group targeted companies with phishing emails laden with ransomware.

They also sold IP address-spoofing services to other hackers to help them stay hidden while launching ransomware, information theft, DDoS and other attacks, the SBU said.

“Unlike ‘regular’ VPN services, which can be legally purchased and used, the services offered by this group had broader functionality. For example, they enabled the user to download viruses, spyware and other malware through the platform. It was an unlawful organization set up by criminals for other criminals,” the SBU explained.

“The investigation revealed that the organizers were Ukrainian citizens, including those wanted by foreign law enforcement agencies. They administered the service from personal computers,

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