Ulta Beauty CISO discusses compliance challenges

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As new technologies continue to develop, combined with increasing data privacy and security regulations, cybersecurity must keep pace to maintain compliance, consumer trust, and ultimately keep your organization out of the headlines. Diane Brown, CISO at Ulta Beauty, discusses how to navigate cloud migration, ever-changing compliance requirements, and shift your teams’ culture.

Continuous compliance

Data privacy and security regulations and laws continue to spin up almost as quickly as new cloud projects. A recent example in the US is the California Consumer Privacy Act, which caused Brown’s team to quickly pivot and change their data security approach, including the execution of a full data discovery exercise. Brown considered the data deep dive a key enabler to creating a rock-solid security strategy that has kept her company out of the news. Seeing how your data is stored, where it moves, and how its shared, allows you to see the entire picture and tailor your security strategy accordingly. Also, with a full understanding of your organization’s data, you can quickly adapt to future compliance requirements that pop up.

Digital transformation and the cloud

Brown’s cloud journey began three years ago, when cloud security experts were hard to come by. Since then, she

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