US Adds Kaspersky to List of Firms Posing Threat to National Security

HackerOne and Dicker Data have also cut ties with Kaspersky after FCC’s decision amid the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

FCC’s Covered List signifies firms considered a threat and could pose an “unacceptable risk” to US national security. For the very first time, the agency has included a Russian firm to this list, which so far had been dominated by Chinese telecom firms.

Chinese Telecom Firms Also Added to Threat List

Apart from including Kaspersky, the FCC has also included China Telecom (Americas) corporation and China Mobile International USA on the block list. For your information, the block list comprises information security products and direct/indirect services and solutions supplied by the firm or its parents, successors, predecessors, subsidiaries, and/or affiliates.  

Dicker Data Ends Commercial Relation with Kaspersky

An Australian technology distribution firm Dicker Data has formally ended its commercial relationship with software vendor Kaspersky. Its CEO David Dicker stated that Western nations have a responsibility to retaliate against Russian atrocity against a weaker nation, Ukraine. Moreover, Dicker Data’s chief operating officer, Vladimir Mitnovetski, is from Ukraine, so the company is directly affected by Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Kaspersky’s Response

Kaspersky stated that it was disappointed by the

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