US charges alleged extortionist, HeheStreams operator with demanding $150k from MLB

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Oct 29, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP

U.S. prosecutors have charged a 30-year-old man with attempting to extort Major League Baseball and broadcasting illegal game streams after he allegedly breached the league’s website.

Attorneys from the Southern District of New York charged Joshua Streit with running, a website that allowed users to stream games from the MLB, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association and the National Football League for a fee, according to a complaint. The site attracted a sizable following on social media and discussion forums like Reddit, where fans congregated to praise the cheap prices HeheStreams offered in comparison to the leagues’ official streaming services, the Wall Street Journal reported.

In March 2021, prosecutors say, Streit contacted MLB personnel to complain about “a lack of gratitude” after he alerted the organization about a “network vulnerability.” Streit allegedly requested $150,000 from the MLB in exchange for his apparent disclosure. An MLB executive responded to Streit by saying the league does not have a bug bounty program, in which an organization rewards an outsider for reporting legitimate security issues, an increasingly common model in the private sector.

Streit responded by saying “MLB should have a bug

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