US Cyber Command head confirms direct actions against ransomware gangs

General Paul M. Nakasone, head of US Cyber Command confirmed during a recent national security event that his agency has begun taking direct action against international ransomware gangs as part of a larger effort to curtail attacks on American companies and infrastructure. 

The General explained that his agency is working hand-in-hand with the NSA, FBI,  and other federal entities while during a talk at the Reagan National Defense Forum, a meeting of national security officials held on Saturday. After the talk, he noted to The New York Times that he sees Cyber Command’s mission right now as focusing on trying to “understand the adversary and their insights better than we’ve ever understood them before.”   

The country’s cybersecurity defense authority began targeting ransomware threats from organized crime rings around nine months ago, well before high-profile incidents like the Colonial Pipeline shutdown began to show just how severely ransomware attacks could disrupt national and global infrastructure. 

While the General was cagey about the details of ongoing and previous counter operations, earlier reports have shown Cyber Command taking a hand in both punitive actions like those targeting Russian ransomware group REevil, as well as restoration efforts like the ones undertaken by the federal agencies following

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