Using Russian tech? It's time to look at the risks again, says cybersecurity chief

Organisations using Russian-linked software or products have been told to take time to consider the risk involved with using those technologies following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

New guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – part of GCHQ – says organisations in several key areas in particular should reconsider the risk of using Russian-controlled products as part of their network or supply chain because of the risk of potential cyber attacks

The NCSC said that Russian law already contains legal obligations on companies to assist the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), and the pressure to do so may increase in a time of war. And while it said there was no evidence that the Russian state intends to suborn Russian commercial products and services to cause damage to UK interests, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. 

“In our view, it would be prudent to plan for the possibility that this could happen,” said Ian Levy, technical director at the NCSC in a blog post. 

“You may choose to remove Russian products and services proactively, wait until your contract expires (or your next tech refresh), or do it in response to some geopolitical event. Alternatively, you may choose to

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