Vestas Cyberattack Makes The Company Shut Down Its IT Systems

A recent cyberattack hit Vestas Wind System, a Danish-based wind turbine manufacturer with facilities across the globe including two in North America, being a leader in this industry. Following the Vestas cyberattack, the enterprise had to close down its IT system as a result.

The Vestas Cyberattack: More Details

On the 20th of November, Vestas was saying on its website that the organization had faced a cyberattack that was discovered on November 19. As a result, its IT systems were shut down in many businesses locations and units. The enterprise also stated that the measure of shutting down IT systems might impact employees, customers, and various stakeholders.

The company under discussion published an updated statement yesterday declaring that the organization has taken immediate measures by collaborating with external partners to address the issue and work on the company’s IT systems re-establishment. However, there is no recovery timeline provided for the moment.

As the statement underlines, the company’s initial investigation revealed that internal IT infrastructure areas were impacted and some information was compromised. However, details about what kind of data is involved are not specified.

The investigation did not find any confirmation that third-party operations were anyhow affected, third party operations referring

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